The General Assembly of the ALN in Johannesburg 2016 decided that there was the need to create a voice for the liberal youth within the ALN and in Africa. Subsequent to this, the Advisory Youth Council was established as a statutory Committee on Youth of the ALN. This Advisory Council met for the first time in March 2017 in Nairobi and decided to be the Africa Liberal Youth.
At the Nairobi Congress of the ALN, the team met to discuss an African vision, objectives and potential projects. Our Key project that came out after the deliberations was to create an online presence that will give us the foundation to be able to launch other projects in the near future and unite the continent.
The Liberal International, UK liberal democrats, FNF and Westminster Foundation for democracy funded a retreat and made it possible for the ALY team to carve out a vision and objective as well as its first project.
The ALY is a mission in progress. Filled with energy, passion and ideas but underlined with step by step action. You too can be part of this journey by joining and contribution to the sustainable development of our continent.



1. Secretary General – Richard Nii Amarh
2. Treasurer - Luyolo Innocent Mphithi
3. North Africa Coordinator – Jawad Chafil
4. West Africa Coordinator – Emmanuel Osei Adu
5. Central Africa Coordinator – Vacant
6. East Africa Coordinator – Hamisi Kapalila
7. Southern Africa Coordinator - Lidia Rauch

The Africa Liberal Youth (ALY) is the Youth Organization of the Africa Liberal Network (ALN).