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East Africa Coordinator Hamisi Kapalila

Mr. Hamisi is Tanzanian young Liberal activist. Belief on equal opportunity for Youth. He obtained Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEE) from Usagara Secondary School, Tanga and proceeded to Technical College of Water Development and Management Institute (WDMI) where he studied Diploma of Water Resource in Laboratory Technology. He also holds Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from University of Dar es salaam (UDSM).

He was born in Morogoro District where his parents lived before shifted to Maweni Tanga where he had his primary School Education.
During school Hamisi served student Leadership. He Served as class representative (CR), Member of Parliament in college Government and Minister of Food.
As Minister of food he solve the problem of low quality of food served at school canteen he transform the system instead of college serve food to students then they should be given funds budgeted per month and eat the quality food they like.

Mr. Hamisi and his associate are ones who establish CUF Youth Wing at University of Dar es salaam branch. He is currently volunteers as Information and communication officer at the branch. He worked as quality assurance officer cumulative between 2012 and 2016. Currently he worked at University of Dar es salaam as Technician.
He believes Young people must be given the skills, resources and opportunities to succeed through quality education, access to health care, adequate nutrition, supportive families and social networks, and the promise of good jobs. If so, they can be proponents of stable democracies, strong societies and prosperous economies.

You can contact Mr. Hamisi by calling him on cell phone: +255(0)715 428 849 or Sending him an Email: hamiskapalila@gmail.com

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